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Ecological Coworking Space Office In the Post Pandemic Era


Ecological Coworking Space Office In the Post Pandemic Era

Original Article By:

Dr Chen Zhong

Chief Scientific Officer

International Institute of Mgrass Ecology

#Comes Back#

With the effective control of the new COVID19 pandemic and the active cooperation of the people, the current pandemic growth slowed down, community transmission gradually disappeared, unfolding Phase 3 is just around the corner. In the process of social and economic reconstruction and the steady and orderly return of enterprises to work and production, more and more office workers have returned back to the office environment.

Although many employees working from home thought it was quite feasible during the pandemic outbreak. But after a few months of working entirely remotely, the novelty wears off and the lack of social interactions plummets, most people want to go back to the office. And this pandemic outbreak has made more and more people realized health is very important, green ecology office environment has become the first choice in people’s minds.

Picture above shows O2Work front reception area at Income@Raffles Place

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality in Office Environment is an Important Determinant of Workplace Health Index.

Because of the tropical humidity and hot climate in Singapore, people rely heavily on air-conditioning system and mechanical ventilation to maintain the comfortable temperature of indoor closed environment. There forth a series of health problems caused by indoor closed environment also follow. When indoor air pollutants continue to accumulate, indoor air quality problems become increasingly severe.

Poor air quality in indoor air-conditioning environment can have a profound impact on the comfortable zone and potential health problems. Some unpleasant symptoms caused by poor air quality include dizziness, nausea, cough, fatigue, headache, nasal irritation and skin irritation etc., which are generally referred to as morbid architecture syndrome. Therefore, maintaining good indoor air quality is crucial to the physical and mental health of indoor employees.


In addition, in crowded indoor office conditions, a variety of respiratory viruses are easy to spread and cause acute respiratory diseases. Most of the pathogens of acute respiratory diseases are transmitted mainly by droplets but some can also be transmitted by contact and close range of transmission of aerosols of different sizes.


The pathogenic viruses that causes acute respiratory diseases include rhinovirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) associated coronavirus(such as COVID ) and influenza virus. And the new coronavirus of 2019 is the number one public health threat in the office environment.

This picture is O2Work Hot-desk area.


How to Work More Healthier and More Efficiently in a Post Pandemic Era 

As a high-tech research institution specializing in urban ecological issues, Mgrass International Ecological Research Institute has developed a series of intelligent ecological technologies tailored to achieve green office and ecological office through unremitting scientific research and practical exploration, developed by strategic partner O2WORK Practical and feasible ecological butler solutions create an environment-friendly office space for you, highlighting the company’s exclusive green ecological business card.


O2WORK adopts the scientific demonstration of the Mgrass International Ecological Research Institute, adhering to the indoor environment design tenet of “people-oriented, ecology first”, organically place the green spirits of nature in the indoor office space, and rationally exert their inherent ecological functions.


With the establishment of plant communities as the core, it is equipped with a complete ecosystem: plants are producers of natural resources, environmental regulators, pollution filters, and carbon storage. In photosynthesis driven by light energy, plants produce oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, filter harmful virus particles, maintain humidity, and reduce ambient temperature; plants also provide aesthetic posture and microclimate benefits. Utilizing omnipotent tropical green plants, the Mgrass International Ecological Research Institute is developing a series of intelligent ecological screens, which can significantly improve indoor air quality, green working environment, and promote health.

Picture above shows the O2Work Income@Raffles Level 12 leisure area

Picture above shows O2Work Income@Raffles Level 12 event space venue

The foundation of great health is the health of the environment. In the post-pandemic era, invest more in health and choose a greener ecological office space!


Want to know more? Welcome to visit O2WORK’s environmentally friendly co-working spaces at ODEON TOWERS and INCOME@RAFFLES.

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