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Dr. Zhong Chen comments on O2Work


In 2017 Mid-Autumn, I was invited to visit Inner Mongolia M-Grass Ecology & Environment Group Co Ltd with former NIE/NTU Director Prof Lee Sing Kong and my colleague A/Prof Tan Swee Ngin. We had a tour to M-Grass Native Grassland Plants Research Institute, M-Grass Germplasm Resource Centre, and the project site of Huhtala Grassland Ecological Restoration. As a botanist and nature lover, I was deeply impressed by M-Grass, a scientific and technical company that uses “grass” as its core, domesticating wild, indigenous plant species for ecological restoration. With the respect to “Mother Nature” and mindset of “research first, restoration second”, M-Grass has ecologically restored over 1200 square kilometers of mining hills, deserts, saline land and wasteland.

Now, M-Grass’ tentacle has reached Singapore. I was honored again to experience the eco-friendly coworking space O2Work, the first strategic investment by M-Grass in Singapore. Entering O2Work, I felt myself visiting a botanic garden. Green plants overwhelmed my eyes: hangers down the ceiling, green walls, creepers, and even plant miniatures in tissue culture containers. All these green creatures released plenty of refreshing oxygen and negative ions, contributing to a green, natural, relax and comfortable workplace. Approaching to the spacious window, Marine Bay Sands, The Singapore Flyer, and Fullerton Hotel presented a charming urban scenery.

O2Work has its own enterprise philosophy: no matter conventional workplace or coworking space, the core value is for mankind employees. The first paramount working principal for workplace design and implementation should be based on occupant’s physiological and psychological health.

Dr. Zhong CHEN

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