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Getting more and more popular! Eco-co-working space O2Work was recently reported by Singapore’s mainstream media Lianhe Zaobao!

The report reads as follows:
The local co-working space O2Work has just opened less than half a year ago, when the coronavirus epidemic struck, and the 60-person customers who signed it could not move in.However, founder li ruiwu (53) remains optimistic about the future of co-working spaces, especially ecological co-working spaces, and insists on team meetings during the peak of the epidemic to discuss how to optimize the business.

In 2020, O2Work opened co-working space at its second location, adding two more last year and opening its fifth at the Singapore Swimming Club earlier this year. The signing rate of companies during the epidemic was as high as 99%.

However, the two attacks of the delta and omicron variants have forced many companies to work from home, hitting occupancy and usage.

Li Ruiwu said in an interview with lianhe zaobao that the epidemic had just broken out in the early days of entrepreneurship, and soon after, Singapore implemented virus blocking measures, and the vast majority of employees worked from home, which had a huge impact on the shared office space.

However, he firmly believes that co-working space is the trend of the industry, the most affordable way to work, and there are not many co-working spaces in the local area.

He explained that at first, the real estate industry was built by construction companies, and then real estate developers emerged, followed by the entire ecosystem of real estate agents, rental agents, etc., as well as the office space market.

Li Ruiwu said that the advantage of co-working space is flexibility, whether the company’s employees are two or 20 people, there are suitable options, and the rental time is also flexible, you can rent for a few hours, you can also rent for a few days.

He said some people have a misconception about co-working spaces, believing that most users are entrepreneurs and start-up companies.
He revealed that in fact, the company’s tenants come from all walks of life, including family wealth management offices, fund companies, banks, law firms, information technology, psychological consulting companies, public relations, design companies, secretarial companies and shipping companies.

There are at least 20 local co-working space operators. Li Ruiwu said that O2Work’s competitive advantage is to put people first and provide the core value of office space. “A co-working space is a place where people work, an indoor environment where people work, and it is necessary to take care of people’s physical and mental health.”

“People are here to work, don’t give them some sensational function. there was a saying in the industry for a while, what is co-working? the least office-like thing is co-working.”

The picture shows the senior photographer of the morning post taking photos of Li Ruiwu during the interview

R&D planting system ecological co-working space certified
One of the big features of O2Work is that it has a lot of greenery. However, Li Ruiwu said that initially the company set up a large number of potted plants in the first location, and customers disliked too many pots, so the company explored the vertical planting method of hydroponics, invested nearly 1 million yuan to develop a planting system, covering an area of 0.3 square meters, 1.7 meters high, and growing vegetables through water circulation and LED lights.In the office space in Income@Raffles, nearly 10 systems are placed on one floor. The company is also the first eco-co-working space in The G&A green mark Gold Plus.

Li Ruiwu said that the biggest challenge in growing vegetables locally is that the outdoor temperature is too high, so growing vegetables must require air conditioning, but if the farm is specially built and the air conditioner is turned on, the power consumption is very large, and the indoor farm will lack the carbon dioxide needed for plant growth, and additional equipment is needed to provide carbon dioxide.

The problem in the office is that the concentration of carbon dioxide is high, and it is necessary to rely on cold air to circulate air, so Growing vegetables in the office solves the above two problems and improves the indoor environment. in addition, the vegetables picked can be boiled and eaten.

He pointed out that many office spaces are arranged greenery, but they have only achieved the beauty of all kinds and ignored the ecological design. therefore, the company has carried out a lot of research and development, and in more than a year, 21 vegetable varieties suitable for indoor hydroponics have been selected.

Li Ruiwu believes that in an urban environment like Singapore, making full use of office buildings and residential indoor spaces to grow vegetables is an important channel towards China’s vision 30.30.
he advocated “growing vegetables without selling vegetables, growing vegetables to eat vegetables”, because vegetables will lose water during the entire process of picking, packaging and transportation, while maintaining the freshness of vegetables requires energy consumption, but increases carbon emissions.

The picture shows the senior photographer of the morning post taking photos of Li Ruiwu during the interview

When Li Ruiwu talks about the concept of ecology and planting, he is a Taoist, which makes people almost think that he is an ecological expert from a science class.As everyone knows, he was engaged in the steel trade for the previous 20 years, which was very different from farming. Talking about why he switched tracks, Li Ruiwu admitted that he realized the importance of the environment and wanted to do something more meaningful. During his Executive Master’s Degree (EMBA) at the National University of Singapore Business School, he learned about Mengcao Ecology, a listed company in China, a technology-based ecological enterprise that uses seed industry technology and ecological big data to restore the ecology of the natural environment.

However, the green ecology is not as easy as imagined, Li Ruiwu bought more than 20 professional books to read and charge, which are stacked up to 1 meter high. “if you can’t remember it once, read it a second time, and read it a third time.”

At present, the company’s team has nearly 10 employees, and Li Ruiwu revealed that he is currently discussing the establishment of a sixth workspace, and is also discussing the promotion of the hydroponic system he has developed to more fields.

Some secondary schools, universities and nursing homes have purchased hydroponic systems, and individual customers have bought them to grow vegetables at home.

Li Ruiwu also provides indoor ecological housekeeper consulting services for corporate customers through its subsidiary Xincao company.

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