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What is a seminar room? What are the differences between a meeting room and a seminar room?

A seminar room is a meeting in which a group of people are educated or trained in a certain topic or to take a course. Usually, it is equipped with a whiteboard or projector, they are larger than meeting rooms, and they can have different configurations.

A meeting room is a room where 2 or more people can meet up to discuss a topic, a whiteboard or projector are not essential.

What are the benefits of renting seminar rooms in Singapore?

Some of the benefits of renting a seminar room with O2Work would be privacy, credibility, and a formal and professional environment where the students can have a great impression of the lecturer and not get distracted by their surroundings.

What kind of seminar rooms can you rent from O2Work?

O2work Income@Raffles offers a multi-purpose seminar room equipped with 20 rectangular tables, allowing multiple room configurations. Tables may be removed or rearranged to suit your seminar or class.

The room is equipped with an HDMI Laptop-compatible 86″ Touch Screen and portable Whiteboard.

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What is the maximum capacity of our seminar rooms?

O2Work Income@Raffles Seminar Room in Singapore can hold up to twenty (20)people in a classroom-style setting.

Why rent a seminar room from O2Work?

When you decide to use O2Work Income@Raffles Seminar Room, your guest will enjoy an amazing view of the Marina Bay Sands, Inclusive Coffee, and Tea and personalized service throughout your stay.


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