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Singapore O2WORK shared office space, waiting for you in the thick greenery~


Singapore O2WORK shared office Space, waiting for you in the thick greenery~

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O2WORK takes “Indoor Environment Ecological Majordomo” as its mission, in order to make the indoor environment more ecological and better physical and mental health for people. O2WORK operates an environmentally-friendly co-working space, and provides your office with indoor environment plant community establishment and maintenance services, and indoor environment ecological design & ecological optimization one-stop service.

O2WORK adheres to the concept of “people-oriented, physical and mental health oriented”. While ensuring complete and professional office facilities, O2WORK turns the working environment of employees into an interesting, comfortable and cozy ecological scene. It not only provides creative and trendy coworking space for enthusiastic freelancers and entrepreneurs but also creates a green, natural, relaxing and healthy ecosphere for enterprises of all trades and sizes.


An eco-friendly co-working space, dedicated just for you

No O2WORK LOGO on the entrance, front desk or Pantry.

Plants were designed and placed at the reception desk, and red lily flowers were printed on the water cups

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆Ecological community, rich in oxygen and energy◆◆◆ 

Tested by the authorized organization designated by BCA, the VOC value of 15 test points in the ODEON TOWERS space was all lower than 100 PPB. On March 25, 2020, BCA presented the GREEN MARK [GOLDPLUS] to O2WORK’s ODEON TOWERS.

O2WORK will provide each member with unique plant seeds and tissue culture seedlings, wishing these seeds and tissue culture seedlings with strong vitality can be as vigorous and grow together with you and your enterprise!

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ECOLOGICAL DESIGN CONCEPT◆ ◆ ◆ ◆O2WORKWorking in O2WORKEvery day is an energetic day

To be good for your health, O2WORK strives for excellence in the selection of decoration materials and strives to be green and eco-friendly. For example, the composite wooden board meets E0 standard, certificated eco-friendly products are used for carpet, vinyl floor, carpet glue, wall paints, etc. The chair is selected from STEELCASE, a famous brand which has been adhering to the concept of health of furniture, environment and people for hundreds of years.

In addition, O2WORK is equipped with the RAINBOW, a high-tech vacuum cleaner that can act as an air purifier. It can absorb dust particles below PM0.3 in the air and purify the air concurrently. O2WORK is also equipped with steamers which can release 150 ℃ high-temperature steam, and can kill more than 99% of the carpet mites, virus and bacteria, so to ensure you work in a clean environment healthy.


O2WORK organizes various community activities, such as entrepreneurship sharing, product launch, lectures, health talks, yoga classes, education and training, and TV series filming…

Ecology is decent, health is wealth

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