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About Us

Our Roots

Our parent company, Inner Mongolia M Grass Ecology and Environment Group is the leading ecological technology firm specialising in indigenous plant acclimation and ecological restoration. M Grass is headquartered in Inner Mongolia, home of the legendary grasslands. By applying our deep understanding in agricultural sciences and our extensive knowledge in its applications we play an integral part in the restorative efforts of the beautiful grasslands.

Our extensive experience and research in the external environment give us the confidence and authority to make a substantial positive impact to the indoor co-working environment. Our vision is to bring the same natural beauty and health benefits of the grasslands to well-designed and ecologically sound co-working spaces everywhere. Our first step to seeing our vision fulfilled begins with O2Work.


Our Culture

Our passion for the environment is evident not only in our space but how we conduct and run all aspects of O2Work. We support a holistic, sustainable working environment to inspire businesses who share our space to grow into the company they want to be.


Our Eco-friendly Coworking Space

O2Work strives to inspire a positive environmental change to coworking. For example, we simplify sustainable decisions by providing reusable kitchenware, eco-friendly furniture based on ergonomics and recycling bins. Our space encourages water and energy saving as well as reducing office waste. We are driving the change towards a sustainable future.



Our Mission

“Wellness at Work”

Our Vision

Sustainable Growth for You and Your Enterprise

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